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Jumbuck Sheepskins is based in Brisbane Australia - providing high quality sheepskin seat covers and other sheepskin products throughout Australia and Internationally since 1980.

Custom Made Sheepskin Seat Covers

Jumbuck Sheepskins provides custom made, full fit, luxury sheepskin seat covers to suit cars, buses and even airplanes. We also produce a range of other sheepskin based products, including mattress covers and medical aids.

Sheepskin Seatcovers

Jumbuck Sheepskins offers Top of the Range Sheep Skin Seat Covers as a luxury alternative for our clients who appreciate fine workmanship.

Jumbuck Sheepskins can usually custom build, and despatch your seat covers within 5 working days of receiving your order.

We choose to specialise in only the very top end of the hand made Sheepskin Seat Cover market, at a very competitive price within this level.

sheepskin seat covers

We do not have any ready made Sheep skin product off the shelf, nor do we offer compromise styles or varying quality with a declining price range for alternative materials to 100% Sheepskin

sheepskin seat covers
In order to Design and Manufacture sheepskin seat covers to fit precisely, we create a pattern that duplicates the original seat shape.

This is vital if you wish to retain the shape and contoured style of the seat in your vehicle.
  • Our design duplication of the specific features of your vehicle still allow operation of adjustment wheels and levers without interference.



Land Cruiser Flint Grey

Land Cruiser "Flint Grey"

  • Our price structure is based solely on the quantity of sheepskin required for each particular seat size and design, and is not influenced by the price of your vehicle.
  • We will allow for side impact air bags wherever applicable.
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